Irish Hand Surgery Society Annual Meeting 2023

Radisson Blu St Helen’s Hotel, Dublin

Invited Guests & Key Note Speakers

Prof Scott Kozin – Philadelphia USA

Dr Caroline Le Clercq – Paris France

Mr Henke Giele – Oxford UK

Prof Don Lalonde – New Brunswick Canada

Thursday 9th March

Hand Quiz

Session 1: Scientific : Free papers

Session 2: Congenital Hand

Session 3: Difficult Case Discussions I

Business Meeting

8pm Dinner Le Panto Restaurant

Friday 10th March

Session 4: Tetraplegia

Session 5: Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy

Session 6: Spasticity

Session 7: Difficult Case Discussions Saturday 11th March

10.00-14.30 Cadaveric Dissection

Pillar Centre, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Spaces 16 candidates (priority to SpR from Orthopaedics & Plastic Surgery)

Dissection Outline Brachial plexus exploration – supra/infraclavicular

Median/radial/ulnar nerve arm/forearm dissection

Surgical approaches to the hand for fixation

K-wiring and open plating in the hand

Fasciotomy incisions forearm and hand

Other surgical approaches